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Our Consulting Principles and Values

IESC offers consulting services in international education and organizational learning based on the following five core principles.


1. Long-term Client Relations. We believe that long-term relationships earn the best rewards in business. Hence, we keep in mind the long-term impact of our business conduct and think in terms of what is in the best interest of our clients and partners. We want to prosper from our long-term relationships with the people we work with


2. Real World, New Realities. We are dedicated to the idea that the development of knowledge, skills and abilities must be practical for people and organizations. Whatever we do, it must work in the real world. As consultants, we love concepts and principles equally with the lessons of practical experience; and we are drawn to clients and people who are open to challenging the basic (i.e. hidden) assumptions, to think critically and creatively. In the broadest sense, we are interested in ensuring that people choose what is best for themselves and their environments. 


3. Commitment to Learning. We are consultants who educate with the intent of transforming people’s lives. Our commitment to learning enables us to look beyond the bottom-line, to seek truth and value, and to practice based on principles of human dignity and trust. We believe in learning as critical discourse. We also believe that learning is a life-long process. Even those who are highly experienced and seasoned, can and must learn new skills and capabilities.   


4. Value-based Network Consulting. We are proud to be given opportunities which will enable us to impact people’s lives. We take such trust very seriously. Hence, our consulting services must be value-based so that customers can benefit from our programs. Value must be carefully considered and reflected in all we do. To do so, we build a trusted network that allows our values to be shared and carried out by each and every one. Our value-added services stand the test of flexibility and adaptability. Through consulting projects, we bring organizations across cultures and continents together, to deliver global collaboration. 


5. Professionalism in Delivery and Conduct. For clients who want the best, we are first-class consultants who can be trusted to effectively conduct analysis, use defined processes, give professional advice, and produce time-sensitive solutions.

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