Organizational Leadership Program
The Organizational Leadership Program (OLP) is for business and governmental high potential leaders from around the world who desire professional development. The program gives participants an experience that accelerates their knowledge of executive-level management, as taught in business school MBA programs.

For individual participants we can add specific topics of interest, but in general, the OLP focuses on:


Integrated Learning. IESC’s OLP provides a well-thought out, logical and integrated set of learning modules to achieve the program’s objectives. A wide-range of contemporary leadership challenges are discussed about organizations who must successfully adapt their strategies and operations in a complex world. A central goal is to encourage critical thinking about the leadership challenges of the 21st Century.

Best Practices. Our faculty is well-versed in what works in leadership and management. We address vertical issues in leading organizational functions such as, for example, finance, information technology, production, marketing, or human resources, as well the horizontal or lateral leadership challenges of improving the value-chain across an organization, especially in light of the role of information technology solutions.

Industry Focus. We can focus on a particular industry if the program is for one client. Otherwise, we provide examples of executive management at the OEM, wholesale, and retail levels, across a range of industries. 

The OLP is hosted jointly with faculty drawn from leading university and well-known business schools who bring the latest research, expertise in best practices, and superior teaching abilities. We currently work with the Columbia Business School, Wharton at University of Pennsylvania, and the Stern School at New York University. Upon satisfactory completion of an OLP program, participants receive a university certificate.  

High potential middle and senior managers of Fortune 1000 companies and presidents of small to medium-size companies.

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