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As result of globalization, more and more students have the desire for oversea experience in order to broaden their horizons. In pursuit of such goal, students will face many challenges. For example, they may not know how to make the most appropriate decision facing a bewildering arrange of choices. When is the best timing for overseas study: high school, college or graduate school? How to select schools? How to choose major: following passion or based on employment? What would be important prerequisites for study abroad? How to prepare application materials and interview? How to prepare for life abroad? Those are examples of common questions frequently asked by students as well as their parents who are financial supporters of their sons and daughters overseas studies.

As a non-profit organization influenced by the western education philosophy , IESC aims to provide admission-consulting services from educator’s perspective rather than as agent, considering the oversea study as one of the steps in students’ life-long educational plan and aiming for long-term goals while achieving short-term interests. IESC’s expert consulting team has a wide range of experiences, from studying abroad to working in Fortune 500 companies, from living overseas to launching global initiatives. They will be able to help students and parents to filter noise, analyze relevant information, propose key questions and present most sounding advise to help students and parents to make the most appropriate decision. 

Since 2008, IESC consulting team facilitated numerous Chinese students to achieve their goals of studying in the US and UK. They also follow students’ growth while studying overseas and provide guidance to help them advance in new foreign environment. With tested experiences that are supported by educational theories, IESC team presents the following strengths in admission consulting:

  Advanced knowledge in the overseas educational system, with focus on education quality and cultural background;

  Professional guidance to aid students’ self-expression to better plan future major and life growth;

  Rational approach in decision-making by analyzing school ranking along with learning culture and social environment in order to select the most appropriate schools;

  Expertise in school application preparation and interview practice; 

  100% visa passing rate;

  Holistic service: providing follow-up services for abroad study to help students transition into new environment and engage in local community;

IESC expert consultants will provide services in different phases of application, with details elaborated in the following steps:

IESC’s client base ranges from high school students to graduate school students. We guarantee satisfactory consulting services and admission offer from targeted schools. With rich experience and technique, IESC designs customized study plan for each student and ensure complete presentation of students’ strengths to their desired schools. The following are samples of school offers received by our students.

In anticipation of the growing demand of studying abroad, IESC will first and foremost committee to the principals that education and teaching should be about the development of well-rounded students beyond just testing scores and school choices should be about appropriateness and school quality beyond school ranking. IESC aims to do its best to guide students in this critical decision-making process. Our mission is to help students to better their lives!

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