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Our Philosophy

At IESC we believe that regardless of one’s nationality, position, and cultural background, everyone can and should be prepared to face the complex global challenges of the 21st century. We believe that schooling and education reaches well beyond pre-defined physical spaces and set times. Education is a life-long process that is carried out with multiple parties in one’s life. 

Grounded in John Dewey’s educational philosophy, since 2008 the IESC team has been exploring and testing “best practices” to offer experiential learning through short-term training programs. Its operational model is to offer practical leadership learning as participants travel abroad, gather personal experience, embrace another culture, and think about themselves as leaders. Such learning encourages participant to understand their own leadership potential as they see and experience the challenges facing the world today. IESC believes that this learning model enable participants to step beyond the traditional in-classroom setting, so they can develop abilities such as perspective taking, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills in contexts other than their home-town experience. 

We believe our programs are transformative and develop capacities that are fundamental for human development, independent thinking, and leadership in the 21st Century.

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