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Northeast Yucai Bilingual School— America Cross-Cultural Host Family Program

Date:2013-08-22   Author:   From:IESC

August 13th, 2013. Today marks the end of the two-week, east coast host family program for Northeast Yucai Bilingual School, hosted by IESC. With more than 40 participants, the program toured around the east coast, admiring beautiful cities such as New York City, Boston, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. Along the way, the program also stopped at famous Ivy League schools such as Harvard University, Columbia University, and the University of Pennsylvania, etc. Students learned the history behind these schools and their academic as well as leisure life on campus. 

The highlight of the program, apart from all the excursions, is that the students spent four days with their American host-families in Pennsylvania. Students and the families shared night-time together and the students took high school classes at a nearby, local high school. Before the group left the high school campus in PA, the Yucai students organized a show for their host families to express their gratitude. 

The host family program provided the youth with an opportunity to experience up-close and personally, a different culture, American family life, students, and learning in a US high school. Thanks to the guidance of the teachers and IESC group leaders, we are sure this extraordinary experience will bear fruit in the future!

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