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Liaoning Province Shiyan High School— Summer Youth Leadership Program

Date:2013-08-22   Author:   From:IESC

August 21st, 2013. The two-week Youth Leadership Program successfully concluded with its 40 participants embarking the flight back to China. During their visit, the students from Liaoning Province Shiyan High School, toured the east coast in the U.S. and stayed at Teachers College, Columbia University for the Youth Leadership Program. Classes include topics on leadership, critical thinking, as well as intercultural communication.  

Alec Milton, an admissions officer of Columbia University also came to meet with the students and shared helpful knowledge about applying to a U.S. college and what universities are looking at when making their recruitment and admission decisions 

As part of the cultural exchange mission, students also visited the Barack Obama Green Charter High School in New Jersey. There, students partnered with their American peers and accomplished a team-based task on buoyant force. Later that day, students had fun learning about golf with professional golf coaches. This culture exchange activity attracted the Mayor of Plainfield, New Jersey, as well as local media's reporting. 

Two weeks of cultural exploring and academic stimulation have given the program participants an opportunity to broaden their perspective on the needs and requirements of being a global leader.

Now that they have embarked on their journey back home, IESC surely wishes them great luck and always have fun learning!





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